What Can I Do about My Uneven Teeth?

Uneven teeth can affect your ability to chew, your overall oral health, and your self-esteem. Both a cosmetic and a dental concern, many people don’t know that uneven teeth can affect the health of your mouth. If an issue develops, left untreated, you could lose one or several teeth, which can affect the strength and placement of all of your teeth

Pushpa Dental Clinic , is run by our team of warm and compassionate medical professionals who are committed to providing the care that you and your loved ones deserve. With decades of experience under their belts, our providers are here to help you understand your options if your teeth are uneven.

Why do my teeth look like this?

There is a term for misaligned teeth: malocclusion. According to the European Journal of Pediatric Dentistry, malocclusion is quite common. The estimated prevalence of malocclusion is over half of the human population, regardless of sex. Misaligned teeth can give your face a fun boost of personality, but as a practical matter, straightening your teeth is a good option.

Heredity has much to do with the way that your permanent teeth grow in — meaning, if one or both of your parents have misaligned teeth, it is likely that you, too, will have misaligned teeth. Sometimes, we lose baby teeth earlier than expected, and that can affect the way that our permanent teeth align.

Thumbsucking, malnutrition, trauma, and extended pacifier use can all affect a person’s alignment, pushing teeth out of their normal, healthy place. Trauma, whether as a result of an accident or an intentional act, can leave you with missing teeth, which can affect your alignment, as well as put undue pressure on the jaw.

The different ways that teeth shift from a straight position have different names, stages of severity, and appearances.

Do I need to fix my uneven teeth?

Adorable as your off-center smile may be, it can also carry risks that threaten your oral and overall health. Even with regular twice-daily brushing and flossing, you aren’t able to reach and remove particles as effectively as you could if your teeth were straight. Food and sugar particles left behind on teeth attract bacteria, which gather to cover the teeth in a film called plaque.

Plaque can lead to gingivitis and tooth loss, but plaque isn’t the only concern. Uneven teeth are more prone to weakening and breaking, causing the surrounding teeth to eventually move out of place. Each tooth carries its share of the weight of your jaw pressing against the top jaw, and without the even distribution of this weight, you may develop issues in your jaw.

What can I do about my uneven teeth?

If you’re ready to go from uneven teeth to bright, slick planes that give you confidence, your provider at Pushpa Dental Clinic has options for you. For most of our patients with dental malocclusion, InvisalignⓇ is a popular and easy option. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is a revolutionary new system that delivers results faster and easier than metal braces.

Invisaligns starts with your provider taking a digital mold of your teeth. After uploading the mold into the Invisalign software, a treatment plan is automatically created for you, including a step-by-step estimation of progress. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll make periodic, in-person visits so that your provider can fit you with each new set of teeth-aligning trays.

Straightening your teeth has benefits beyond a picture-perfect smile. Call us to schedule a consultation, or book an appointment with one of our providers online.

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