It’s a procedure that gives you a smile makeover by restoring chipped, worn, discolored, misaligned, broken, and stained teeth. During the procedure, a cosmetic dentist will work with you to find the most suitable treatment plan.

Common aesthetic dentistry techniques

Aesthetic dentistry can be as simple as replacing an old discolored and cracked filling with a more natural-looking one that blends seamlessly with your natural tooth. It can also involve more complicated procedures like replacing a decaying or damaged tooth with a dental implant and natural-looking crown.

Veneers — A porcelain shell attached to the front of your teeth. Corrects gaps, stains and discoloration, chips or cracks, and crooked teeth. Helps restore the shape and function of your smile.

Dental crowns — A cap for severely damaged teeth to restore its shape, function, and color. Helps stop decay and is durable, too.

Dental implants — A biocompatible titanium post placed in your jawbone to act like the natural root and restore missing or damaged teeth.

Cosmetic bonding — Touches up dental imperfections by closing gaps, filling in chips, smoothing rough edges, and brightening teeth. Is minimally invasive and strengthens teeth.

Invisalign — The minimally-invasive way to fix crooked teeth, closing gaps or providing crowded teeth with more space. Increases dental health and your ability to property clean and care for your smile.

Dentures — Strong and stable solution for missing teeth. Restores functionality like chewing and helps minimize issues like gum disease and TMJ.

Teeth whitening — The minimally invasive and highly effective way to restore your smile to it’s bright and natural color